Mr. Amit Agrawal





MS (Master of Surgery)


DM (Breast Cancer Endocrine therapy research)

FRCS Surgery 





Committee Member, UK Asso. of Breast Surgery (ABS)

Founder-Director, Cambridge international Chest wall perforator flap and Breast Reconstruction Course

Faculty and Examiner, MSc & MS Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, Uni. of East Anglia 

Lead for Audit, Cambridge Breast Unit

Faculty, ABS Oxford Oncoplastic & Advanced Breast Courses

Expert Reviewer, NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, UK) Interventional Technology

Ex-Lecturer in Breast Surgery, University of Nottingham and has ~100 publications and presentations


Specialist in 


Benign Breast Conditions - breast pain, lumps, cysts, nipple discharge, infections

Breast Cancer - Surgical Oncology

OncoPlastic And Reconstructive Breast Surgery - Surgical treatment of breast cancer and at the same time, maintaining and improving Breast aesthetics and cosmetic outcome 


Quality Improvements 


He transformed Cambridge "Breast Surgical" Unit into modern "OncoPlastic Breast Surgical" unit by introducing: 


Advanced OncoPlastic Breast Preserving Surgical techniques

Reconstructive Surgery service (previously only by plastic surgery)

Breast Surgery Audit mechanisms and meetings

PROMS - now spearheading regularisation of "Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMS)", a measure of ensuring the highest possible quality of surgery as reported by women themselves.


New Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Techniques that Mr. Agrawal introduced in Cambridge include


Therapeutic Mammaplasty - cancer lumpectomy with Breast Reduction

Therapeutic Mastopexy - cancer lumpectomy with Breast Lift

LiCAP / LTAP /TDAP flaps - partial breast reconstruction with fat-only flap

Goldilocks Breast Reconstruction - using spare breast skin without the need for a major implant, back flap or abdominal tissue surgery 

Pre-Pectoral Breast Reconstruction - muscle-less, mesh-only wrap, implant reconstruction

TDAP Full Breast Reconstruction - muscle-less, fat-only whole breast reconstruction - this is the latest surgery Mr. Agrawal has introduced in Cambridge


New Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Techniques pre-existing in Addenbrookes but introduced in the Breast Unit include


Lipomodelling / Fat grafting - liposuction or lipo-grafting for lumpectomy defects

Symmetrising (matching) surgery - reduction or augmentation to enhance match with the previously treated breasts

Breast Reconstruction - full breast reconstruction with an implant and ADM (Acellular Dermal Matrix -  animal derived mesh) and is adept in LD (back muscle) flap 




He has had training in Breast Surgical Oncology and advanced OncoPlastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery at internationally leading Breast Centres (Nottingham, Derby) complemented by fellowships in Paris and Brussels. 


Research & Teaching


He earned DM (Doctor of Medicine) degree (University of Nottingham) following laboratory-based research in Breast Cancer in collaboration with the Universities of Cardiff and Sheffield.


Further, he has PGCHE credits (Higher Education Academy, UK) following formal training in Teaching Methods and Project.


He has ~100 publications/presentations in National & mostly International Learned Breast Societies.




Association of Breast Surgery (ABS), UK

British Breast Group (BBG)

European Society of Surgical Oncologists (ESSO)

Association of Breast Surgeons of India (ABSI)

Co-Founder, Bengal British Breast Group (B3G)


Private Contact


Secretary: Pippa

Phone: +44(0)7411 027 388



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Nuffield Cambridge Hospital,

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Amit Agrawal


Spire Lea Cambridge Hospital,

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Amit Agrawal



Amit Agrawal




Addenbrooke's Hospital

Box 97, Cambridge Breast Unit,

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Amit Agrawal


Secretary: Karrie

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